A WTVY.com article elaborates on the rise of insulated vinyl siding. It also discusses the opinions of professionals that represent the sentiments of Maryland siding contractors towards the growing trend of insulated vinyl siding:

If you are in need of residing, professionals recommend looking into siding options that can save you money. “More people will tend to do the vinyl-insulated siding once they learn about all the sidings because the first question I ask them is do you want more of a maintenance-free product that is going to save you on energy? Sure. That’s why people replace windows. They are energy efficient. Well siding is energy efficient when you are looking at insulated siding,” said Steven Smalley a Siding Contractor. Completely residing your home can save you money in the long run, however, it is an expensive cost upfront. So if you are happy with the protection your current siding provides your home, it may be time to break out the paint brushes. Home Makeover image

Insulated vinyl siding can already be considered an improvement over hollow back vinyl siding. Expanded polystyrene foam is fused to the back of the siding, filling the gap between the siding and the home. This attachment provides three benefits to this already-popular material. First: this siding provides insulation to the home, as the EPS foam attached to the back will keep warmth from escaping the building. This is great in states like Maryland, where many of the major cities experience temperatures below zero when winter is at its peak. Second: insulated vinyl siding will act as sound barriers that keep external noise out of the house. It is also more resistant to external impact due to the rigidity added by the foam. The space filled up by foam prevents insects and vermin from turning the siding into a breeding ground. Lastly: insulated vinyl siding is easier to install than its hollow back cousin, which usually bends when held on one end. The rigidity will also hide any imperfections that the shape of the house has as well as increase the value of the home when the family decides to sell the house. With all of the aforementioned benefits, insulated vinyl siding is clearly a good choice for families who decide to reside their homes. Interested households can contact skilled Maryland vinyl siding contractors, such as DryTech Roofing & Home Solutions, for more details about this siding. (Article Excerpt and Image from Giving Your Home a Makeover Through Home Siding, WTVY.com, September 30, 2013)