A cropped photo of a home showing the shingled roof.Roofing shingles are a roof covering that consists of individual overlapping or interlocking tiles laid from the bottom edge of the roof up. Shingles can be made of a range of materials that vary in cost, style, and durability. DryTech Roofing, a trusted company offering professional roofing in Maryland and its surrounding areas, gives you a list of things to consider when choosing shingles for your home:

  • Consider your options – Consider quality, style, and build of the product when choosing shingles for your roof.
  • Understand your architectural style – Make sure that your roof shingles match the architectural style of your home.
  • Know your budget – Determine how much you can spend on your roofing, and then go from there. For a hassle-free renovation, the materials you choose should suit your budget. It’s best to ask your trusted contractors about this bit, as they have a good understanding of the value of various shingle solutions.
  • Envision your home – Visualizing your home can help you with planning your roofing’s new look. Explain your vision to an architect and have it drawn or, if you can, draw a draft of it yourself. There are also some websites, such as GAF’s Virtual Home Remodeler, that allow you to pick the style that would most resemble your own home. You can even upload your own home photos and play around with all the options provided to find the right design for you.
  • Be daring – Don’t be scared to experiment. You can look up different styles on the Internet or magazines for inspiration. You can always find a look that matches your taste while staying faithful to your home’s architectural design.
  • Think about your roofing’s size and pitch Consider your roofing’s size and pitch. Make sure to ask your contractor about this so that your new roof will fit your home perfectly.

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