Roofs differ in material composition and the conditions they are exposed to. But all of them suffer some form of damage at some point. As professional roofers, DryTech Roofing encourages vigilance on the part of the homeowner to keep any form of damage to a minimum.

Damage Early

A roof can sustain damage due to bad weather. Sometimes, it’s just old. The worst kind of damage, though, is the kind that could have been prevented with a little upkeep.

Here are some reasons an immediate fix would benefit you in the long run.

Water Leakage

Roof gaps may not seem serious at first glance, but in time a small leak may get bigger, particularly if strong rains pummel your roof. It’s not just your roof that can sustain damage due to leaking; the rest of your home — including the foundation — may soon develop issues.

Immediate roof repair is something we support and encourage. The sooner we are able to correct a minor issue, such as a small leak, the better the chances of keeping your roof intact for a longer time. We always think about the wellbeing of our clients, and addressing a minor leak is just as important as dealing with something worse.

Voiding a Warranty

Some problems, when left unchecked, may void your roof’s warranties. A roofing contractor and a roofing material manufacturer is likely to uphold the warranty they provide, but only if the homeowner does their part, which is to treat their roof with a reasonable amount of care.

Wasting Energy

Improper roof ventilation can take a toll on your utility bill when left unchecked. Leaving your roof exposed to extreme heat and cold affects your home’s indoor temperature, forcing you to use more electricity to keep it optimal. You need professional roofers to keep your roofing system (that includes the vents in the attic) in good shape to prevent problems with temperature fluctuations, mold growth and ice dam formation.

Curb Appeal

Leaving your roof broken and vulnerable makes a bad impression in your neighborhood. Your curb appeal will be affected and will make potential buyers opt out. Keeping your roof looking like new goes a long way in making your home retain a higher market value and a positive image in your area.

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