Maryland has a wide range of climates, thanks to the varying elevation, proximity to water and coastal winds. So homeowners should have roofing systems to match any weather condition, all year round. DryTech Roofing gives you a look at the features that you’ll find in a typical Maryland roof.

3 Features of a Typical Roof in Maryland

Roofing Structure and Waterproofing

A typical Maryland roof has the standard waterproofing barriers that help it resist weather extremes. A durable roof deck made of plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) is installed on top of the main roof structure. Aesthetics play a part in choosing the roof slope, however. Two important factors are considered: rainfall and wind strength. A steep-sloped roof handles high amounts of rainfall, while a gently sloped roof has better wind and uplift resistance.

A layer of waterproofing called underlayment, or felt, protects the roof deck from water intrusion. Many roofing companies seal the valleys and seams, as well as other areas where leaks can potentially occur, with leak barriers. The ridges at the peak are left open – accessories that allow proper attic ventilation will be installed once the main roof area is covered.

Outer Roofing

The first row of shingles is vulnerable to high winds. This is why, instead of regular shingles, the first row is made of a single roll of similar material called starter strips. In addition to the roofing nails, this layer is reinforced with special adhesive. Manufacturers such as GAF provide starter strips that match the rest of the roof, which adds a cleaner look. The rest of the asphalt shingles are then installed.


Flashing protects valleys, and parts where the roof meets a chimney, dormer or wall. It is made of aluminum, sheet metal or copper, and helps route rainwater away from these crevices. A version of flashing that’s unique to Maryland homes is called a chimney cricket. It is a ridged structure that’s typically found on the high side of a chimney. The ridge diverts rainwater onto the sides, which helps minimize the force of water and prevents wear and tear on the chimney stack.

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