You can freshen your home’s exterior and boost your curb appeal with a new siding color. This process, though, can be tricky. There’s always this fear that you might choose the wrong color, and unlike painting a room in your home, it’s much more difficult to change siding color. 

Luckily, this blog provides questions to help you choose the right hue. 

1. What’s your home like? How big is it? What’s the architecture of your home? Let your house style determine the start of your color palette. Your home’s style may provide visual cues, but you’re not completely bound by it. You still have the freedom to mix and match colors and let your creative juices flow.

2. What color is your roof? A roof lasts from 20 to 30 years, so color must be a factor to consider. Siding colors vary in lifespan.

3. Are you updating your home exterior? And, are you planning to have landscaping style? Aside from choosing a new siding profile similar to your home’s exterior, you need to match it to your landscape as well. Matching the color scheme is essential, and to achieve this, you might want to consider a product like James Hardie plank siding HardiePlank®.

4. Have you considered complementary colors? If you choose a main siding color that is a cool neutral, give it contrast to help it pop by choosing a warm secondary color. Lastly, trim and accents add finishing touches to your home.

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