Finding the right color combination between the roof and siding is an accomplishment that many homeowners would like to have for their homes. This is because if done right such color combinations can easily enhance a home’s curb appeal for decades and give it more personality. Unfortunately for some, getting the best color combination for a roof and siding can be difficult.

Read on as the vinyl siding contractors of DryTech Roofing LLC shares tips on how to choose the best color combinations for your siding and roofing system.

Use a Color Visualizer

If you already have your color choices but you’re having a hard time seeing how your home will look with it, consider using a color visualizer. With a color visualizer, all you’ll have to do is take a photo of your home, upload it to the app or website, and you can apply any color you want on your home from there. That way, you can see how the final product will turn out before you have it applied on the home itself.

Consider Your Roof’s Age

When trying to choose the best color combination for your siding and roof, roofing and siding contractors recommend that you consider the age of your roof as well. If the roof is still in good shape and you have no plans of replacing it in the near future, be sure to choose a siding that matches its profile. If you’ll be replacing the roof soon, on the other hand, then pick a siding and trim that you like and simply pick a roof that will match them in the future.

Coordinate the Colors

As much as possible, your roof and siding should complement one another in order to get the right look. One example of this is picking a dark gray or black roof and a gray or blue siding. Another potential color combinations are brown shingles for a home with tan siding. Whatever color you pick, make sure to consider the home’s overall look before making your final decision.

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