Large national contractors may have the brand-name recognition, however, working with local contractors offer a certain edge that their national counterparts simply can’t provide. In today’s post, DryTech Roofing LLC shares the reasons why you should work with local siding contractors.

Reasons to Work With a Local Siding Contractor

Personalized Service

Large corporations cater to a large customer base by hiring a number of customer service representatives. This is why, with services like credit card or internet service providers, you’ll have to go through a number of options before you get to speak to a human being. And when you do, you’ll probably never get the same person on the line the next time you call.

Local siding contractors may have much smaller coverage, but you know that they will be the team that will oversee your project from the initial consultation to completion. They will also be the same people who will help you with warranty and repairs. Having a relatively smaller customer base allows local siding contractors like us to focus more on what our customers need.


Many people don’t appreciate the advantages of working with a siding contractor that’s within driving distance. Like most other parts of your home’s exterior, siding may require emergency repairs, which is sometimes the case when a storm hits your area. A timely response is essential when you have to file an insurance claim, as a quote for the repair cost is often required. Additionally, local contractors are easier to reach. Imagine having to navigate a series of menu options on the phone before you get to speak to a representative. 

Manufacturer Certification

If you have a particular brand of siding in mind, a local manufacturer-certified siding contractor is the ideal choice. Leading siding manufacturers like James Hardie® have long been providing certification to local contractors. This means you can have the full benefits offered by your manufacturer of choice, from the products that are engineered for the local climate, to full limited warranties that include coverage for workmanship.

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