Getting a new roof can be a major decision for you to make as a homeowner. If you are in the market, we have some helpful tips on where to get started!


Why should I pursue installing a new roof?


Roofs rarely require a full replacement, especially if you have kept up with routine maintenance. However, there are instances of course where it is a requirement for the home to remain standing.


Significant growth has developed in the attic/under shingling – This will occur often if you live in a colder climate. Inclement weather leads to high condensation and growth build up beneath the shingling. This can also cause your shingles to swell and crack.


Shingle damage and cracks – Fortunately, these can be a far simpler fix. You’ll likely not have to replace your roof in this instance, unless the damage is significant enough to require a massive overall.


Significant rust damage – Rust can be mendable and often won’t compromise the roof’s structure. Unfortunately, you may not catch rust damage quickly enough. Be on the lookout for this early, especially depending on the material your roof is made of.


Should I choose my roofing material or styling first?


Roofing materials vary a bit, but you’ll loosely see them all in the ballpark of asphalt, shingles, or slate. Asphalt is popular for most other homeowners like yourself because:


Asphalt roofing is quick and simple to install.


Overall, you’ll likely see the quickest turnaround time on a roofing project with asphalt. It’s reliable, consistent, and requires minimal maintenance following install.


Asphalt is affordable as a roofing material.


Asphalt roofing provides really strong value in it’s affordability as well. If you are pursuing asphalt or looking for another material to install for your new roof, give us a call today!