If you’re planning to upgrade your roofing system, asphalt shingles are among the best options for the material it will be made of. When it comes to roof replacement, however, your deliberation should not end in picking the material; you should also consider the ideal roofing style to use. It can be challenging, but knowing the architectural design of your home can help in your selection process.

3 Roofing Styles

The great news is that our GAF® asphalt shingles can complement a wide array of roofing and home styles. DryTech Roofing, the top roofing company in Maryland, lists down three popular roofing styles, along with the home designs that match them:

  • Gable Roof: Cape Cod Homes – Among the most common roofing styles we see in drawings and pictures, gable roofs have a triangle shape created by two slopes that meet at the top ridge. Due to the space they create at the upper part of the home, they can accommodate dormer windows and porches. The traditional yet classy style of Cape Cod homes matches this roof type. Most Cape Cod homes use gable roof shapes, along with gabled dormers.

  • Hip Roof: Ranch Homes – Hip roofing in Maryland typically has a gentle pitch, with every side sloping toward the walls of a home. This creates visual interest, as there are no vertical sides to the roof. Like a gable roof, it can also look great when paired with dormers. Ranch-style and French-inspired homes perfectly complement this roofing style.

  • Gambrel Roof: Dutch Colonial – Although simple and unassuming, this roofing style can dramatically increase a home’s beauty. It displays a steep pitch at the top angle that is more visible from the ground. While it’s a popular option for barns, it’s also a great addition to residential structures, most especially to Dutch Colonial and Georgian homes.

After choosing a roofing style that matches your architecture, choosing the best shingles shouldn’t be stressful. DryTech Roofing, one of the premier roofing companies in Maryland, offers top-quality GAF shingles that can work well with any of these roof and home styles.

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