Windows are essential components in any home. These let in cool or warm air in any season, keeping indoor temperatures comfortable. Windows also brighten up rooms and improve a home’s curb appeal. There are many options in the market nowadays, and two of the most popular ones are double-hung and slider windows.

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What Are Double-Hung and Slider Windows?

Double-hung replacement windows in Maryland have two operable sashes that slide up and down. These have a system of counterweights for support, so size is not an issue. The two sashes can have one or more panes. For example, a double-hung with eight panes on the top sash and six panes on the lower sash is an eight by six style.

Slider windows, on the other hand, are like double-hung windows but horizontally oriented. These slide left and right on tracks. They can have one or more operable sashes and come in one single pane per sash.

What Are Their Benefits?

You can see double-hung windows mostly on traditional homes. This window style has been around since the 17th century as a replacement for casement windows. Double-hung also offers better ventilation and air circulation. As warm air rises up, it can escape through the open upper sash. Another benefit of double-hung is ease of maintenance, since most windows in this style have tilt-in sashes for easier cleaning.

If you want modern windows for your home, slider or gliding windows are ideal. These can frame beautiful outdoor views and let more light into rooms. Sliding windows also have wider openings, providing better ventilation.

Both window styles are space savers because they do not swing outward or inward. All of these benefits make these windows ideal for different parts of your home.

Where to Place Them?

You can place double-hung windows in any room in your home that needs ventilation and light. These look good beside kitchen counters and desks. You can also flank a French patio door with double-hung windows. You can also improve airflow in bathrooms using this window style.

For slider windows, you can use them for easy access to outdoor kitchen counters and tables. These can also separate indoor bars and your kitchen. If your bedroom faces a landscaped garden, you can frame the view with large slider windows.

When looking for window replacement in Maryland, make sure you work with professionals DryTech Roofing. We have been installing energy-efficient and quality windows since 2000. Aside from slider and double hung windows, we also offer casement, bay, bow, picture, garden, and specialty windows.

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