Vinyl siding is perhaps the most popular exterior cladding option today. While the primary reason for its popularity is its affordability, it offers a lot of other advantages. One of the benefits of vinyl siding is it is friendly to the environment.

Vinyl Siding

If you are looking for green siding in Maryland, it’s time you look into what vinyl siding can offer. Read on to learn the ways vinyl siding makes for a green choice.

Made from Natural Materials

The sustainability of vinyl siding begins at its very composition. It is made from materials that are inherent in nature. The primary ingredients of this siding option are two basic and available building blocks: chlorine and ethylene. Chlorine is derived from common salt while ethylene is a natural gas. Furthermore, vinyl is a meticulously engineered material with an average service life that’s expected to improve through continuous manufacturing advancements.

Lifetime Recycling Possibilities

Among Maryland siding options, vinyl siding offers long-term sustainability. It can be recycled repeatedly, taking the form of one product to another. Throughout vinyl’s life cycle, from manufacture to waste management, it scores well on stringent environmental standards.

Approved by Green Building Certification Programs

Vinyl siding doesn’t require the use of additional resource for finishing and coating. Its resistance to termites is another advantage, as it won’t require the use of pesticides. Vinyl siding may also contain recycled content and may even qualify as an indigenous material if installed in a house or building near the manufacturing and extraction facility. No wonder it is the siding option with the approval of many green building certification programs.

Better Overall Environmental Performance

Vinyl siding outperforms other options in terms of environmental and economic performance as indicated by the Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES) software. Vinyl siding production also uses less energy and resources, and produces a minimum amount of toxic chemicals.

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