Flat roofing in Maryland is becoming a popular choice for homeowners in recent years. It is a cost-effective alternative to a pitched roof as it requires fewer materials to build. It also allows you to convert the roof deck into a terrace or a garden. Furthermore, flat roofing is ideal for installing solar panels or heating and cooling units.

However, same as any other types of roofing, flat roofs also need to be taken care of regularly. Defects, aging, and gradual deterioration can be prevented if you inspect your flat roof at least twice a year. Know the true condition of your flat roof and you’ll be able to do some preventive measures if you discover any irregularities.

One particular flat roofing concern you have to watch out for is moisture and condensation. Moisture and condensation on a flat or low slope roof usually occurs when it’s cold outside and the heat from inside the house or building escapes through the roof due to poor insulation. Moisture is a big no-no if you want your flat roof to perform well and if you want it to last longer.

A flat roof will start to deteriorate when condensation occurs, which may result in blisters and cracks. Furthermore, it may lead to mold and mildew growth, which can be harmful for the health of your family. To keep moisture and condensation out of your roof, make sure to have roofing experts like us at DryTech Roofing fix leaks promptly. It’s also best to have us check your roof insulation and ventilation. Furthermore, we recommend eliminating other sources of leaks, such as those from the gutters.

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