Your home is made up of parts – like the roof, siding, and windows – that may or may not affect your home’s energy efficiency, which is something that most people should be more concerned about nowadays. In Maryland where we experience nasty, shifting climates, adapting energy conservation measures is something that we need to seriously do, as a means to cope with the situation.

Having said all that, we at DryTech Roofing collected a few questions most homeowner’s ask regarding energy efficiency:

Q: Why is it important to be energy efficient?

A: Aside from allowing homeowner’s to reduce their energy consumption and monthly electricity bills,  using less energy means minimal pollution brought about by the its production.

Q: What can we do to be more energy efficient?

A: Use energy-efficient appliances and plugging them off when not in use is a useful way to save on energy. Believe it or not, appliances still consume energy even when they are not turned on.

Q: How else can we make our home energy efficient?

A: One part of your house that has a large impact on your household’s energy efficiency is your windows. There are special glasses for replacement windows in Maryland that have gases in between which helps keep heat or cold from penetrating your home. In fact, an article from shared that:

Windows are largely overlooked when people are considering energy efficient measures for their new homes, which is surprising considering that it could result in a 25 percent decrease in your energy consumption.

Double or triple paned windows stop air escaping from your home, keeping it at a more constant temperature. This will reduce your reliance on air conditioning.

We rely on time-tested installation techniques and durable, energy-efficient materials for your window replacement in Maryland in different styles such as: double hung, casement, bay/bow, picture, awning, slider, garden, and specialty windows. Call us now and let’s talk about how you can maximize your energy use through cost-effective home improvement.

(Article Excerpt from Key Considerations for Building Modern Energy Efficient Homes, Efergy)