Reputable roofers and siding replacement and repair professionals trust only the best product manufacturers. As good as those products are, however, everything ages and eventually needs repair. 


The roof and siding are two components of your home that are exposed to the elements 24/7. Their main job is to protect you from those elements, so they bear the brunt of the punishment from heat, cold, wind, moisture, animal attack and debris. 

Given the conditions your roof is exposed to, it’s part of homeownership to call a professional for roof repair when something gets damaged. If the damage is complex and large, a replacement might be in order. 

The same is true for your siding. Siding and roofing materials are hardly the same, but whenever something goes wrong, the decision you’re facing is quite the same. Should you repair the damage, replace a portion or replace the entire thing? This is a simple guide to help you make that decision.


Let’s focus on siding for this discussion. 

Good siding is typically graded to survive in the environment it’s used in. That being said, it’s not uncommon for it to sustain only small blemishes and a little damage. The more practical solution to simple scratches or one or two affected or missing panels is to have a professional perform a repair. 

Some of the common concerns involve:

  • Minor mold and mildew
  • Small holes, possibly caused by animals
  • Minor chips, dents, cracks, or scratches
  • Loose panels, if only one or a few


You can live with a few blemishes on your siding. However, if you spot areas on your siding that can be repaired, repairing them might not always be the best solution. For example, you might think there’s only minor mold and mildew growth, but upon removing the affected panel, the professional finds a major infestation on the wall and beneath the other siding panels. This is why siding replacement is a better option than trying to fix damaged siding. 

Here are the instances when replacement is inevitable:

  • You’re always repairing and maintaining your siding, which means you can save more money if you simply replace siding on the entire house.
  • Siding has developed bubbles. This means water has been trapped behind the siding for some time and it’s probably beginning to affect the walls.
  • Dry rot. This is a cause for replacing your siding, even if it seems minimal.
  • Siding has faded. Good siding should not fade until it’s due for a replacement. Fading usually means the weather protection is no longer there.
  • Large damage, either from impact, a storm, a fire, age or some other cause. It’s best to replace all your siding if there’s obvious damage. 

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