There’s an ongoing debate when it comes to roof and siding colors—whether they should match or contrast. For DryTech Roofing LLC, both options are viable and can work well. So, it actually depends on your personal preference. Your most trusted siding contractors in Maryland discusses the advantages of each option.

Roof and Siding Colors: Match or Contrast?

The Roof Has the Crown

A typical asphalt shingle roof usually lasts for 20-30 years. As such, always consider your roof color when choosing that of your siding. Convention dictates that the roof and siding should have contrasting colors. A light-colored siding would complement a dark-color roofing material and vice versa. Still, matching colors are all right, especially if either one has a neutral color. Such hues allow more choices when it comes to color schemes.

Contrasting Colors: The Preferred Choice

Contrasting colors are often preferred due to many reasons. They bring color variance to a home. A roof with only one color looks monotonous and lessens the architectural appeal of the home. Traditionally designed homes have roofs and exterior walls with some ornamentation and decor. Having colors with no contrast can negate the architectural details. For such homes, we always use contrast to highlight all the little details. Siding contractors attest that traditional white siding is perfect for Colonial homes with a roof of a darker hue.

Matching Colors: A Good Thing

There are times when matching colors are a good choice as well. Modern homes go for uniformity and minimalism, which is where matching colors shine. Complementary colors make a structure look taller and are great for smaller houses. In general, match the roof and siding colors of a house with minimal architectural detail.

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