The attic is often a forgotten room in the house. This is mostly because there is not much activity conducted in the attic except for storage. We’re forgetting that the attic performs one important function: insulation. Being the room directly under the roof, the attic catches the temperature outdoors as the heat seeps through. Anything that is not filtered by the attic permeates to the rest of the house. This makes it the heart of a house’s insulation system.

Why is this important? The efficiency of your insulation system directly affects the amount of energy you consume every day. It has the potential to significantly increase or dramatically decrease the amount you have to pay for electricity. This is a concern to a lot of homeowners so to address your queries here are some of the frequently asked questions:

Q: Is there a way to gauge whether my home is consuming more energy than it’s supposed to?

A: Energy Star has formulated a way for homeowners to measure the amount of energy they consume. You just need to acquire some important details before doing this. You can also simply contact Maryland roofing contractors to gauge it for you so you more or less get a precise measurement of your home’s potential energy consumption.

Q: How do I remedy air leaks?

A: Air leaks are usually easy to spot because it can be felt through drafty windows, or old doors. However, air leaks that pop out of places that are not usually visited like the attic or the basement negatively affect your insulation system and consequently, your energy consumption. Air leaks allow unwanted air or heat to come in the house which becomes a disturbance to the entire system. The way to remedy this is of course to address the source directly through weather stripping windows, replacing old doors, patching up the basement walls, or adding an extra layer to your attic insulation.

Q: How can I tell if I have enough insulation for my attic?

A: The Pennsylvania State University defines R-value as “a wall’s capacity to resist heat loss or its thermal resistance. Insulation materials are rated in terms of their R-value, with a higher R-value indicating better insulating effectiveness.” The recommended R-value for homes in this area is R-38 to R-49. Call reliable Maryland roofing contractors to measure this for you. If your attic’s insulation doesn’t fall on or in between these values, the heart of your system isn’t functioning well.

Q: What other home improvement projects can be done to enhance my insulation system?

A: Other than your attic, your windows, and siding greatly affect the quality of your insulation system. Immediately have your drafty windows replaced, and that your siding are still firm.

You don’t need to think and worry so much about how you’re going to go about this. Contact DryTech Roofing & Home Solutions. We can help you lower your energy consumption with our superb attic insulation knowledge and techniques. Aside from that, we also do window replacements, and siding installation so you can get a sure and effective insulation system.