Aside from being your home’s first line of defense against weather elements, your roofing system can also affect your property’s overall value. This is why it is essential to choose a roof that can provide long-lasting performance, while keeping your home visually appealing.

Asphalt Shingles

When it comes to your roofing in Maryland, GAF® asphalt shingles are an ideal choice. DryTech Roofing shows you how they can highlight your home’s architectural design.


This architectural design features large columned porches and verandas. To highlight its elegant design, we recommend Slateline® or Sienna®. These options go well with this house’s asymmetrical façade. They also offer the look of slate at a more affordable price.


Similar to medieval European homes, slate or wood shakes can complement this home style. Our Camelot® and Camelot II® roofing systems can add character to this kind of design. They feature brick and stone exterior, which can give your home a polished and elegant look.


This home structure usually features a broad front porch, tapered columns, and a shallow pitched roof. To complete this rugged look, we recommend wood shake roofs. Our Timberline®, Grand Sequoia®, and Grand Canyon® can certainly increase your home’s curb appeal.


These homes usually have pitched roof and multi-paned windows. To enhance their traditional design, we offer GAF’s Camelot shingles that resemble wood shakes. The Slateline can also complement this house design. We recommend dark colors, such as grays and blacks, to add depth to your home’s overall look.

French Country

The stucco exterior is the trademark feature of this home. This romantic architectural style also features arched doorways and steep-pitched roof. To balance its elaborate style, we recommend clean-cut asphalt shingles as your top choice.

As your trusted roofing company in Maryland, we offer Slateline and Woodland®, as they both feature a classic look. Shades of brown and gray are your best bets to complete this look.


With low-pitched or flat roofs, the Slateline roof can add character to your home. Its bold lines and tapered cut-outs complement the minimalist design of modern homes. Dark shade colors can add extra definition to your home’s overall look.

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