James Hardie®’s ColorPlus® Technology renders homes the talk of the block and the envy of the neighborhood. Compared with the typical paint job, it makes siding color look richer and last longer. Although Hardie products can be primed and ready for on-site painting, ColorPlus makes your home’s exterior stand out and eliminates costly maintenance.

James Hardie Siding

Why should your James Hardie fiber cement siding feature this innovative technology? DryTech Roofing sheds light on its winning qualities:

Thick Finish

With ColorPlus, James Hardie optimizes its proprietary finish on all of the edges and surfaces of its siding and trim products. It generously applies multiple coats, resulting in a covering 50% thicker than what average exterior painters use. Since it eliminates the need for field painting, it essentially keeps human error to a minimum. The result: consistent coverage. It leaves no spot uncovered and creates a uniform look from all angles.

ColorPlus colors come in a bevy of choices too. Unlike other painting products that may not be compatible with James Hardie siding, this finishing technology ensures a rich hue over the long term.

Baked-On Bond

ColorPlus colors are guaranteed not to chip, peel, or crack for 15 years. James Hardie cures the finish in a closely controlled factory environment to prevent detrimental elements from affecting the integrity of each layer of coating. The strong bond of the ColorPlus finish is the secret behind its remarkable durability.

Ultraviolet Resistance

ColorPlus is specifically engineered to stand up to the sun. It makes James Hardie plank siding and other products significantly less prone to fading. When other painting solutions start to dull with constant UV ray exposure, expect ColorPlus colors to remain as vibrant as the day they were applied.

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