HardieZone System

James Hardie’s HardieZone system is the future of building materials. If we think of your home as a human being and your siding as clothing, someone living in sunny California may need a T-shirt while someone living in Alaska may need a ski-jacket. For someone living in a climate like that of Maryland, one that changes dramatically from season to season, they may need clothing that can adapt to those changes. That is why James Hardie has come up with the HardieZone system, which puts homes into certain climate zones and helps them to produce siding specifically for that climate. Combine this superior strength siding with roofing from our expert roofers, and you’re home will be weatherproof, energy efficient, and beautiful.

Siding Built Just for Your Local Maryland Home

DryTech is fully certified in the installation of the HZ5® siding from James Hardie. This is a fiber cement siding that is designed to withstand even the harshest winter weather and perform just as well in the steamy summer months. Working within the HardieZone system, DryTech is able to create custom siding projects for each home we work on, taking the homeowner’s color, texture, and finish desires and wrapping their home in their dream siding.

Performance That Goes Above and Beyond Wood, Aluminum, AND Vinyl

The resulting protection of the James Hardie fiber cement siding designed just for you is a level that cannot be matched by any other siding material. The color durability, water absorption reduction, and strength in freezing conditions are superior even to vinyl siding, which was once throughout to be THE choice for siding in the United States. DryTech’s ability to deliver these benefits in a timely, affordable manner makes us the smart choice for siding in Maryland.

For full details on James Hardie’s HardieZone system, call us or visit our Contact Us page to request a quote today. From there, we’ll work hard to EARN your business.

FREE Estimate on James Hardie Siding in Maryland

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