Roof Pitch

The pitch of a roof is the measurement of the roof’s steepness. Why is this important? It affects the type of roofing materials DryTech selects, the complexity of the roof’s design, and how we work on the roof.

The primary purpose of pitching a roof is to redirect water and snow. For areas that see little rain or snow, a flat- or low-pitch roof is perfectly acceptable. However, for roofing in Maryland— where we are certainly no strangers to wet weather— a pitched roof is the recommended style.

The process and cost of cleaning, replacing, or making repairs to a roof depend greatly on its pitch. A more steeply-pitched roof is more difficult to work on, as it poses the dual challenges of balance and access— while a lower-pitched roof is easier for our roofing crews to access. Determining the pitch of your roof will help us in providing you with a more accurate and complete cost estimate for the work to be done.

Roof pitches range from 2/12 pitch, which is low-slope, to 12/12 pitch, which is severely sloped. As the pitches change, so do the materials used. DryTech Roofing installs GAF roofing systems, and GAF has a deep expertise in creating roofing materials that work with specific pitches.

A lower pitched roof (2/12-5/12) roof does not offer the same run-off properties as a high-slope roof. If you live in an area that generally does not see heavy amounts of rain or snow, and stylistically you desire a shallow roof, then a lower pitched GAF roofing system is right for you. In Maryland, DryTech Roofing will help you to decide just how low a roof can pitched be without being so flat as to bring water damage into the picture.

Higher-pitched roofing systems (6/12-12/12) are ideal for areas that do see large amounts of snow or rain each year. With lower-pitch or flat roofing, it is easier for rainwater or snow to pool on your roof, which can lead to water damage throughout your home. With a high-slope roof, that water or snow will slide off more readily, helping to keep your home safe from water damage. While some homeowners may shy away from severely-sloped roofing because they want something more aesthetically-pleasing, DryTech’s design team will work with you to find a roofing system that fits your slope and style needs.

At DryTech Roofing, we have more than a decade of experience helping local homeowners to choose the right roof style and pitch for their Maryland homes. We install a wide selection of GAF roofing, and have a thorough understanding of how to calculate the ideal pitch for specific homes. Call us today to schedule an in-home consultation with our Maryland roofing experts.

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