A chain link fence may not be the most attractive type of fencing that you can use for your property. However, it does offer a variety of benefits that you shouldn’t dismiss. Chain link fences are quite sturdy and they can last for decades requiring little or no maintenance.


DryTech Roofing LLC, a reputable siding and fencing specialist, offers some insight into the advantages and installation requirements of chain link fences.


Here are some of the benefits of chain link fencing:

  • Durable – Thanks to their design, chain link fences are generally not affected by harsh weather like strong winds and heavy impact. They also have good resistance against normal wear and tear.

  • Cost-Effective – Chain link fencing is one of the most affordable fence options out there. It costs significantly less than wood and vinyl fencing.

  • Low-Maintenance – Much like vinyl siding, chain link fences are easy to maintain and can last a long time with minimal upkeep. To keep it looking brand new, you simply need to paint and protect it against rust.

  • Keeps Children and Pets Safe – Chain link fencing can keep your children and pets in your yard. It doesn’t offer much privacy, but this allows you to see your kids and pets from a distance.


Chain link fences are generally easy to install. You can opt to DIY it, but it’s still best to hire a professional to do the job. Certain problems may come up during a DIY installation. And if you make a mistake in post-hole digging or in the actual installation of the fence, you might have to deal with sagging or warping issues or your fence might fall over completely. These errors can cost you more, so you should consider hiring a professional from the get-go.

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